That RV Life

Welcome back! After quite the hiatus, I have decided I’m going to reboot my (totally, super popular 😉 widely acclaimed) blog back to life.

So here goes!

You may be asking yourself, “Shelley, why do you have a picture posted of yourself looking tired, haggard, worn-out, though slightly ecstatic, and all the while holding up something invisible to us the viewer?”

Well, I’m also holding a sonic cup full of tea, but nobody notices those things. What I am holding in my right hand are the keys to my new humble abode. The RV I’m standing in front of! Yep! I’m joining the masses of hippies, retirees, vacationers, etc. who now own an RV. My goal for said RV (name pending), is to gut, renovate, put the Shelley stamp of love and design on, and live in with Bailey until the next phase of our life pops up.

No ‘For Sale’ Sign, but I’m not complainin!

As to what the next adventure may be? Who knows? Librarian? Museum archivist? Poet, Author, Travel Blogger, book critic? I don’t know. I know whatever is out there is exciting and may be frightening, but I’ve lived through some things I never thought I’d have to and came out on the other end much stronger. I have my pup, I have my home, now to answer those mountains that keep calling…

Taking Name Suggestions now…

More photos and videos to come as renovations start and continue throughout the year!

Have a great day!!

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