Mood Liftin’ Tunes

This past month has been a doozy. Trying to train former fifth graders on how to be 6th graders who will, in all honesty, be 7th graders by late spring ain’t no piece of cake. They flailed a little at first, bucking the system and what not, but they’re getting there, and we’re working on it. I’m proud of my little Knowles-it-alls…😃

We look like Skittles

I also lost a dear friend, Carolyn, at the beginning of October and it was a bittersweet end to cancer, but a blow to her family, friends, and all those who loved her most. She was vibrant, cynical, hilarious, and loyal. A true, real friend that doesn’t come around too often. I miss our Pow Wows. Here’s a link to help out the family. They have 5 kiddos.

Beautiful Carolyn inside and out

My best friend of 24 years lost her mom last week. Becky was a strong, beautiful, loving, and generous RN, mother, and caregiver. When I met her at the age of 12, I knew I loved her, with her real southern accent, delicious homecooking, and sweet, sweet spirit. She is missed in the hearts of many. Especially her daughter. She’ll be so, so missed.

Amanda & Becky

I’ve also had personal losses, dreams that felt so real, hopes that appeared attainable, and what seemed to be an answered prayer just within my grasp withheld for reasons beyond me.

Sometimes things don’t go our way even though it’s obvious they should. Sometimes it’s our actions, our choices, our decisions. Sometimes its timing, and sometimes it comes down to bravery. I am not always the most courageous, but I do believe there are some fearless qualities to me and in order to live happy, you have to live adventurously and take the risks as they are presented to you. They usually have the best rewards right?

Here’s hoping for healed hearts of all kinds, for the happiest of memories to those gone on to be healthy and whole, and for a step in a new direction to be made.

To help the journey, here are some of my most inspirational songs: