This week’s recommendation comes from a conversation that a friend and I were having the other night involving vampires. No, not the sparkly variety, but the terrifying, keep-you-up-at-night variety.  Salem’s Lot has got to be hands down one of my favorite Stephen King reads and still to this day freaks me out every time I read it or even really think about it.  King is genius in his craft anyway, and this was an early piece of work for him, so to think he just got better is astonishing.

The story is set in Jerusalem’s Lot, Salem’s Lot for short, a small town where everyone knows everyone and where a man must confront evil.  It’s a chilling and harrowing tale that will keep you up at night thinking and questioning who and what you actually know.  It. Is. Great!  The fact that it was written in and takes place in the 70’s, pre-technology era makes the reader feel that much more helpless.

Why you should read it: Stephen King plus vampires. Need I say more?

Salems Lot

This week’s recommendation is a book that I could not put down once I picked it up.  It’s one of the three full novels that Gillian Flynn has written and is absolutely excellent.  Sharp Objects is so full of twists, turns, and dark moments that it keeps you wondering what will be coming next.  I read this shortly after I read Gone Girl and was in a Gillian Flynn craze. Having read all of her novels, and her short story, the thing I love about her craft and style is that she makes her characters so real, so raw, so relatable. You don’t really like the protagonists at times and in Sharp Objects, this is no different.  Camille Preaker is an alcoholic journalist who is headed back to her small town home in Wind Gap, Missouri after a second young girl is murdered in hopes that an empathetic reunion piece can salvage her career. With rich, strange and sinister characters, stirred into a thick, twisted plot, I guarantee you will not want to put this one down either.  You may buy the book here.

Why you should read it: As I said before, it’s a page-turner and the plot twists, dark corners, and questions will not leave you wanting.  Plus, it’s now a mini-series on HBO starring Amy Adams and is EXCELLENT. They have kept tight to the book’s plot and it’s absolutely amazing.

Sharp Objects

This week’s recommendation is one I absolutely loved and is bizarre in all the right ways.  I have a great friend that I discuss books with and she suggested My Best Friend’s Exorcism to me in the middle of last year.  I bought the e-book and it was so good, in the way a crazy thrill-ride of a binge-worthy tv show is, that I had to also buy the accompanying audio book too, so I could listen in my car when I was driving.  Rarely is a book that riveting to me!  Now, this read isn’t for everyone, obviously.  It’s a campy horror book and even has the cover of an 80’s VHS tape (brilliant!)  I guarantee, however, that if you like twisted and kitschy entertainment, you’ll love this one!

Why you should read it: The way this story is told is so unique.  It’s told in a first-person memoir account from the main character’s point of view.  It’s interesting because the pacing is done so well.  The buildup is slow enough to give you an uneasy feeling, but it doesn’t drag and make you feel bored. Plus, it looks like it’s going to be a movie next year!!! I’ll believe it when I see it.  You may buy the book here.

My best friends exorcism

This week’s book recommendation is a picture book that I recently have fallen in love with due to the message that it sends.  I bought Dear Girl, for my 9 year old cousin, Claire, and I know that it would be fit for a girl who is 19 or 39 or 79.  It’s got a message of being who you are in this world as a girl and not being ashamed of feelings or style or anything that may come your way.

Why you should read it: The message resonates with a wide variety of audiences, young and old, is culturally diverse, and is an excellent reminder of strength, love, and value to our girls. It was #1 on the New York Times Bestseller list and is a great love letter to any girl in your life you want to encourage.  You may buy it here.


This week’s book recommendation is a book that has been out for a while, but is one of my faves regardless. I read this one a couple summers ago for a class I was taking and instantly fell in love with it.  The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie is so touching and relevant for our time and I really encourage you to read it.  This story is so much more than just a tale about race.  Alexie describes life on the reservation (“The Rez” as he refers to it) vs. life off of it.  He delves into the somber truth of poverty, alcoholism, and substance abuse on the reservation and how many lives are afflicted with these issues.  He discusses the uncomfortable issue of cultural appropriation and how naive people tend to be about Native American culture.  Alexie incorporates his humorous illustrations flawlessly.

Why you should read it:
Sherman Alexie is an incredibly talented storyteller and this book is pure evidence of that fact.  The year this book was published he won three “Best of the Year” awards for 2007. You may buy the book here.


This week I began the book The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne.  I bought this book through my Book of the Month Club subscription (check it out here) and have just started it! If you recognize the author’s name, it’s because he wrote the book The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. This story is also a historical fiction novel set in post-world war II Ireland and follows one man on his journey from the end of the war to the present.

Why you should read it:
Not only is the story written by a bestselling author with merits to his name, but it’s powerful and inspiring and I’m only 60 pages in!  It also won the 2017 Book of the Year for the Book of the Month club, was an Amazon Best Book of 2017 (August), Eason Book Club Novel of the Year, one of New York Times Readers’ Favorite Books of 2017, and it now has a Shelley stamp of approval.  What more do you need?!  You need to buy it!

Hearts invisible furies

To say I have read a lot of books would be like saying Kim Kardashian takes a lot of selfies.  I’m kind of an addict.  There are worse things I could be addicted to, though: huffing spray paint, snorting bath salts, shopping, cosmetic surgery, blue crystal meth.  All in all, I think reading is pretty healthy!

Why am I saying all of this you ask? Well, I’ve read many books and I have A TRUCKLOAD I could tell you that you should read ranging from picture books, to young adult (YA which I shall now refer to it), to horror, to mystery, to trashy vampire romance, to classics to-well…you get the picture. I am not going to list all of those here.  What I AM going to do is link up my goodreads account which is public and will allow you to see what books are on my shelves, what I’ve rated and what I am currently reading.

My purpose for this page is to show you my recently read or am currently reading and what book I recommend at the moment.  I usually read one or two books at a time, and  LOVE to share so I can talk through it with people!  Thank you for sharing this journey with me!


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