RV Livin’

Welcome back! It’s been a minute and boy, do I have updates. First of all, I’m convinced this entire project is a divine lesson in patience for Shelley. Why else would there be a road block at every. single. turn? [Insert exhausted maniacal laughter here]

I digress.

So, again, yesterday, I set out to run one itty bitty errand on Alyce (as I shall now refer to my RV), and once I had plugged in my proper cord and adapter, [hallelujah, amen], gassed and actually oiled my generator, I once again attempted to start the generator and it wouldn’t start! IT WOULDN’T START.

I did what anyone would do. I unplugged everything, using a few choice words while doing so, called my mom to complain, then went and sobbed in my car.

Luckily, during my sob session, my friend’s husband happened to drive up. He also, thankfully, knows a thing or two about generators. Thanks for lending me a hand, Heath and Jenna! While he wasn’t able to get it going while I was there, he said he’s going to keep cracking at it til’ he does. Thank the Lord for helpful friends. I hope it works, because hauling that sucker back to Harbor Freight won’t be an easy task.

In the meantime, I crawled through Alyce to see what we were working with. She looks about the same, which is good. There is some mold in a couple places I need to treat, so after she’s bombed for creepy crawlies, that’s next.

Below are some photos I shot while standing on my head to check out different parts of the rig. These all fall into the ‘before’ category! I’ll be making big moves soon.

I’m considering pulling this out altogether and replacing it with a slimmer IKEA sink and vanity
I’m sure this toilet works properly. However, after all this, and for $175, I may replace it with a taller, longer one very similar
Welcome to my hallway!
Bunkroom from outside. I’ll be removing 3 and the built-in ‘wardrobe’
These photos got out of order. 🤷‍♀️ Look! A proper cord!
Ew, Mold.
The adapter to the cord/generator which one Male RVer mansplained didn’t exist. Looks pretty real to me.

Today was the day I was going to officially get started working on Alyce and start getting in there and tearing stuff apart!

Me, excited to get to work:

God, teaching me some kind of lesson:

So, my very sweet uncle Shawn, and I loaded up my aforementioned generator in his minivan and headed out to Paradise…TX. We got it unloaded, oiled, and gassed up. We turned the fuel line on, primed it, flipped the switch, pulled the chain aaaaaaaaand….. nothing.

Again, nothing.

Nothing. Nothing. #^%@&$;$ NOTHING!

This is a very well-crafted, well-rated, not cheap at all, brand new generator. Why aren’t you starting?!? So, obviously, YouTube. It took me about 10 minutes to realize that what I thought was oil that I was pouring into my very fancy [expensive] machine was in fact stabilizing fluid and if I continued, I may ruin said machine.

After figuring out THIS fun fact, we immediately tipped it over and poured it out. *insert a thousand facepalms here*. Crisis averted. Harbor Freight dude said generator wasn’t ruined, soooooo, keep those fingers crossed!

Now, when we tried to insert the cord into the RV, we discovered the cord I bought, you guessed it, was the wrong cord. Not only that, but the cord that I had with the RV had a blown socket and was 3 pronged. [See images for reference ;-)]

This is the RV, obvi.
The front of the generator. It ain’t gonna work.

What I decided to do in the meantime was to check out the inside and see how it was faring since my last visit. Due to, well…life, I haven’t been able to get out there in about a month. I hate it! Hopefully, after Thanksgiving break, I’ll be able to get out there more often.

Once inside I noticed some little visitors had been keeping it company. Not surprising really. I brought along peppermint oil loaded cotton balls to fend them off and you can see them thrown about in the pictures. 😁 I also saw a big, fat, black spider. I do many things. Spiders, I do not do. This will be resolved!


Critter evidence
Not a friend
The mattress definitely did not look like this the last time I saw it…

Once I get the cord situation settled, the generator up and running, and the slide out I can assess the situation. I also saw what may be mold in some drawers. Here’s hoping it’s not! Tomorrow, Mom and I are going back out to bug bomb it!

Thanks for reading! I’m learning as I go!

I bought a generator…great idea, right? Well, it is if you have access to a truck, are a strong man that can lift 200lbs like it’s nothing, and are able to get said generator to your RV. I am 0-0. But, boy does she look good!

20191028_233336 (1)
But man, she’s heavy

Shelley’s movin’ on up…well, kinda. Over the next nine(ish) months I will be taking my recently purchased 2011 bumper pull 33′ Dutchmen Classic, and turning it into my castle on wheels! She’s a beauty and I really was #blessed to come upon such a treasure. My sweet co-worker/dear friend, Damon, heard I was looking and we worked out the arrangements and she is mine! I’m officially a (mobile) homeowner! Over the next several months, be prepared for renovation photos, videos, mistakes, corrections, design ideas, design fails, and a lot of fun!

Glad to have you along for the ride!

I have named her ‘Alyce Faye’ after my lovely Grandma. 😊
Current floor plan
Check out my snazzy photo shop skillz

So, the plan is to take out the bunks in the back, make it an office for my writing desk, remove the u-shaped dinette and huge sofa and replace with a small love seat and dinette and chairs. The flooring is good, but is a mixture of vinyl tile in the kitchen, hall and bath, and carpet in the bedroom and living/slide out. I need this gone. Ideally, I would love to replace with vinyl wood-like flooring that would be easy to clean and is said to do well with the slide movement.

The kitchen is in GREAT shape (I got a steal, I tell you!) and my plan is to just repaint the cabinets and maybe remove one altogether. I would LOVE to paint the bottom cabinets a rich teal-I’m thinking jewel tones for my color palette-and the top cabinets a pretty, clean white.

I’m not done yet. Nay, nay. I want to eventually replace the counter top with either something pretty and natural (i.e. natural slab wood, butcher block, natural stone remnants) something funky and unique! I then want to check out all my back splash options, because, girls gotta look, but I’ll probs go with white subway tile. Classic, clean, timeless.

Pronounced ‘for-yay’. Ya know, like the French?

That, my friends, is my grand foyer (said in the fancy French accent). Now, this is a slide, so there will be much more living space, once parked and the slide is out. My lovely sofa that came with my new home is going to retired sofa land. Just not my style. Nor this century’s. The cabinets above will stay, get repainted and will be great storage. The window treatments will come down and be replaced with…*gasp* regular curtains. The walls will get a coat of either white or a nice grey. The cabinet to the left is attached to the kitchen, so will be teal!

Here you can see another view of the foyer and grampa sofa plus the built-in entertainment center that is pretty cool. I love things that serve more than one purpose so this is like a gift within a gift. It is a wall blocking the bedroom, holds pocket doors, electrical wiring, AND a swivel TV! I’m easily impressed. Paint color to come. I’m thinking an eggplant purple or mustard yellow. If I get crazy…wallpaper! I know, I’m nuts.

Here’s a peek into the luxurious master suite…

Well, Bailey and I don’t require much space, but there will be painted walls and cabinets as well as curtains and a Casper or Purple mattress, hopefully.

This is a great size bathroom for a rig this size! Also, it has a decent size shower and tub combo. Paint (duh), mirror, maybe new counters or counter top spray paint (it’s a thing!), and…a composting toilet. I’ll explain all that in a later post. It is much more cost/time effective when traveling and saves on sewage and ickiness. Really!

The bunk room will get a major overhaul and the bunks and little chest will be removed. I plan to paint, add curtains, a bookshelf, writing desk, and small hanging rack for clothes.

And that’s her! I will come up with a name soon! We’ve got an approximate 9 month journey ahead of us! Let’s do it!