Books VS. Movies Part Uno

So, so many books have been made into movies lately that it’s hard to keep up.  I’ve begun to wonder if Hollywood is beginning to run out of ideas for original scripts.  Mostly these books are YA fiction, but many are other genres being made into movies as well.  Sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s a book before being made into a movie, especially if it’s not on the bestseller list or if it’s kind of an obscure title. I follow many blogs, Twitter accounts and other sources for this information, so usually I’m in the know, but sometimes they slip through!  “Shelley, in your infinite wisdom, what did you think of this book becoming a movie?”  They always say ‘infinite wisdom’, it’s SO embarrassing, but who am I to correct them?? 😉  Anyhow, there are a great many directors who Continue reading “Books VS. Movies Part Uno”